Helping Your Loved One Find the Right Assisted Living Facility -- for Free

Dad has always been independent. He worked hard to provide a life for his family and he is proud of the life he built. Dad is getting older and as his health deteriorates, his family worries about his safety as he lives alone in his home. The family would love to have Dad move in with one of his children, but that just isn't a solution given the circumstances.

What are we to do? 

This is a story we hear over and again. Whether a single, elderly parent living alone in a now unsafe environment or a husband and wife who want to stay together despite a drop in health status, most situations call for uncomfortable answers to tough questions. And many families do not know where to begin. 

How can we transition those we love to a facility that will take care of them in the way we would take care of them ourselves? Where do we begin? How can we be sure that our loved ones are taken care of?  What is the difference between an Assisted Living and a Skilled Nursing facility? How do we pay? How do we discuss these subjects with Dad while respecting his autonomy?

Utah Senior Planning provides professional services relating to facility placement and how to discuss these intimate issues. Whether your loved one needs care at an Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing facility, Utah Senior Planning knows those institutions in our community that have built a solid reputation for good care -- those living centers that we would trust with our own family members. This localized recommendation will give your family the peace of mind necessary to move forward. 

Also, Utah Senior Planning does not charge for this service and is not compensated by any facilities it recommends. Most other facility placement service providers receive a substantial referral fee for placing an individual in a contracted facility. Our interest is in finding the best place for your love one -- not in boosting the quota of any specific facility. 

Contact us a call at 1-800-279-5807 or send us an email at and we will be happy to get you started.