Schedule: Full-time, 40 hours per week

Location: Kaysville

Job Description

Case Managers deliver a broad range of supportive services to the sales and financial planning staff, as well as existing clients and their family members. Primarily, Case Managers are responsible for verifying eligibility and submitting applications for public benefit programs such as Medicaid and Veteran pension programs. Case Managers apply complex policies and procedures to determine initial and/or continuing eligibility. Eligibility is proven using documentation of applicants’ assets, income, health insurance and other pertinent information.

Gathering the necessary documentation typically requires working with clients and their family members, financial institutions, employers, government agencies and various other companies. Other duties may include, but are not limited to, performing database searches, screening applicants, detecting potential fraud issues. 

Job Responsibilities


·       Learn the purpose, eligibility requirements and regulations of several public benefit programs

·       Work closely with company agents and financial planners to service client applications

·       Review client financial statements to search for any prohibited transactions

·       Review asset and income information to determine eligibility for public benefit programs

·       Assist clients and/or their families in gathering documents required for program applications

·       Assemble a case file complete with all required financial documents and a well-documented accounting of the financial               planning executed to obtain eligibility

·       Build and maintain professional relationships with key skilled nursing facility staff members

·       Report regularly to the client or their family representative on the status of all open cases

·       Report progress of all open cases to a supervisor weekly

Required Skills / Qualifications

·       High school diploma or equivalent degree

·       Experience working directly with customers

·       Experience with Microsoft Excel

Key Competencies

·       Problem solving

·       Active listening

·       Communication skills

·       Client empathy

·       Ability to work independently of supervisors

·       Digital database use

·       Data entry

·       High stress tolerance

·       Professionalism

·       Microsoft Office programs

·       Teamwork and collaboration


·       Membership to Kimokeo Crossfit Gym in Kaysville

·       401k matching

·       Health insurance premium reimbursement

How to Apply

Please email a résumé and cover letter to: with your first and last name in the subject line. Kindly refrain from contacting our office to follow up on the status of your application; we will contact those applicants we feel are most qualified.