At Utah Senior Planning, one of our most commonly-used services is senior placement, or the process of identifying the proper facility for a senior at a certain age and helping get them moved to this facility. Our team of advisors has relationships with communities throughout the state, and we can match you or your loved one with the perfect situation when the time is right.

Unfortunately, we run into a number of common misconceptions when it comes to these decisions, both among seniors themselves and among their caregivers. In part one of our two-part blog series, let’s look at some of these big myths, and work to correct them.

“They’ll Say Anything”

Some people are of the mistaken assumption that assisted living facility staff are like used car salesmen, saying anything and everything just to get another client and make a quick buck. This simply isn’t the case – moving to a senior community is an ongoing commitment, one that requires regular interactions between residents and staff. Any facility just looking for a quick dollar by signing up a new resident may have to deal with unhappiness once that person realizes their false claims and is displeased with their situation.

Inheritance Concerns

Others worry about financial concerns with a retirement facility, and whether they’ll be able to pass on money in an inheritance. Moving to a facility doesn’t change this – any money set aside for inheritance is still contractually guaranteed. Moreover, living in a facility makes certain areas of financial planning easier; you’re never worried about planning for a burst pipe or some other major cost of homeownership.

Stuck in One Residence

If you or a loved one moves into a given assisted living facility, know that this isn’t necessarily a lifelong decision. Even within a given facility, efforts can be taken to improve your experience if you’re having issues in a given area – and if not, considerations can be taken to find a new facility.

Getting Kicked Out

Some seniors worry that if they run out of money, they’ll be kicked out of their facility. In reality, most retirement communities are not-for-profit entities – many have benevolence foundations that can help subsidize things. All the communities we’d recommend you to will do a great job of ensuring you have the resources needed to live the rest of your life comfortably in their facility.

Cost Issues

Finally, some seniors worry that the cost of a senior living facility is more than just living in a house. Not only is this not true – areas like maintenance, taxes, insurance and others make this a falsehood – but there are other areas to consider beyond this, such as maintaining the value of a home. In a senior living facility, none of these areas are concerns.

For more on debunking common assisted living myths, or to learn about any of our senior planning services, speak to the pros at Utah Senior Planning today.