Final Expense Planning

A Worthwhile Experience

There are many emotional as well as financial benefits that come with a pre-planned and pre-paid funeral. A funeral is one of the most personal and emotional events your family will ever share. A family discussion of funeral planning, although sensitive, can be a very worthwhile experience for you and the
ones you love. We believe pre-planning is a smart decision for everyone, regardless of age.

Emotional and Financial Benefits:

  • Alleviating the difficulties of decision-making in a time of grief
  • Guaranteed prices – the cost of your funeral won’t be affected by inflation
  • Surviving family members are not left with the expense
  • Minimize confusion and anxiety for your surviving family members
  • Prevent of emotional over-spending

Experienced Agents

Utah Senior Planning retains family counselors with more than 20 years of experience in final expense planning. They are available to answer any questions you may have about making final arrangements. By working with a trained and licensed pre-needs agent, you’ll gain an understanding of the many decisions that need to be made surrounding one’s passing. Medicaid planning is often over-looked by many clients who believe they will never need to apply. One benefit of working with our team is that you can be assured that your final expense planning is completed in a Medicaid-compliant fashion.

Utah Senior Planning’s vision is to change the way seniors and their families access and qualify for public
benefit assistance programs. We’ve been working toward this vision since our company was founded in 2008.
Since our first applications for Medicaid and Veterans benefits, we’ve vastly improved our processes and
planning strategies – improvements that only come with experience.

Our experience helps us understand what people in your situation are going through. You may feel
overwhelmed by the many moving parts of long-term care, especially how to finance long-term care needs.
Let us show you how you or your loved one can afford long-term care.

What we at Utah Senior Planning enjoy about our job is that no two families are the same and no planning
that we do is identical. Every family has unique needs and personalities and those characteristics reflect in our
individualized planning.
We’re always adding to our list of valuable services and we strive to live up to our vision.

Our goal is to satisfy our clients and meet all of their potential needs. Whether it’s mediating disagreements between siblings, years of unfiled tax returns, tracking down missing financial statements, or negotiating with nursing facilities, there are few problems that we can’t offer solutions to. We also work closely with our partner nursing facilities to make sure all parties are coordinating efforts to meet your needs.

Let us help you discover how your situation is not nearly as dire as it seems. All initial meetings and  consultations are free and you don’t pay us a dime until we help you put together a plan that everyone agrees with. Take advantage of what we can offer you; review these descriptions of our services and let us show you
the Utah Senior Planning difference.