New Choices Waiver

What is New Choices Waiver?

Medicaid’s New Choices Waiver program is designed to transition medically eligible individuals from a skilled nursing facility toassisted living. In some cases, this program may even be administered in the home.

Qualifying for NCW

  • Reside in a skilled nursing facility for 90 days or more
  • Have 30 days or more covered by longterm care Medicaid
  • Have 30 days or more covered by longterm care Medicaid

Skilled Nursing vs. Assisted Living

A skilled nursing facility offers a high level of care and serves people with extensive and demanding care needs. Most long-term care residents in a skilled nursing facility will have a shared room.

An assisted living facility is a care facility that
offers more basic caregiving services. Assisted
living residents usually enjoy a private room and
are capable more independence than skilled
nursing residents.

Planning for Eligibility

Seeking the guidance of a benefits advisor with
Utah Senior Planning will ensure that you or
your loved one qualifies as quickly as possible.
Rely on our experience to customize a financial
plan that will maximize asset preservation
regardless of marital status, net worth, or income level.

This program is fairly new and often misunderstood. Don’t be misled; though the qualification rules for the programs are similar, New Choices Waiver and Long-Term Care Medicaid do not share the same rules.