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We worked with Brooke Lewis to get a loved one set up after she fell and broke her hip. She is now back home doing well and has support to help be age as well as she can. Brooke answered our questions about navigating the Utah rules on insurance and retirement and Medicaid and managing assets to ensure we had the best help and support for our loved one. I would recommend them to anyone looking to help a loved one as they age and want to keep their home and assets in place and be as comfortable and safe as possible during rehab, assisted living, or home care.
Kendall with Utah Senior Planning was an absolute life saver for us as my brothers and I were trying to navigate and learn about the process of transitioning our mom from a skilled nursing facility to assisted living and learning about our options with Medicaid, the New Choices Waiver, etc. We all work fulltime and some of us live several hours away, so communication on something like this can be hard, but Kendall was always kind, helpful and always provided detailed responses to any questions we had. I highly recommend working with Kendall and Utah Senior Planning!
Kendall is amazing. He listened to my needs and stepped up to the plate 100000 percent. He accomplished what I was so desperately in need of. When dealing with the elderly and family it can be very difficult at times and Kendall help tremendously.We we on the phone and he did everything step by step with me to get the job done. I'm forever grateful 🙏🏻Thanks Kendall much appreciated!!!!!Karen Chambers
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with Kendall! We're thrilled to hear that he was able to assist you effectively and that you found his support invaluable. Our team strives to provide exceptional service, especially when it comes to meeting the unique needs of our elderly clients and their families.We'll make sure to pass along your kind words to Kendall, as your feedback serves as encouragement for him to continue delivering top-notch assistance. If you ever need further assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.Thank you once again for choosing our services. We truly appreciate your trust and support.
On behalf of my family, I want to express our gratitude to the team, especially Riley, for their patience and professionalism. On our own, trying to understand and navigate through the amount of government red tape would be confusing, frustrating, and, I believe, not nearly as successful as what the Utah Senior Planning team provided for us. I can't thank the entire team enough for their assistance and patience as we addressed our grandmother's needs during the final stage of her life. We were advised and each step explained, and at no point did I feel pressured into taking a course of action, which was such a relief as we worked through the details. Highly recommended.
Riley is really amazing to work with. She is my Father in laws Case Manager. She is so quick to answer questions and is very nice and knows her stuff!!WIll Sandberg is the one who setup everything for my Father in Law to go from not being eligable for Medicaid to only having to wait 33 months. Saved him $100k or more.. We could not be more grateful.Thanks again for everything guys.
Super helpful. Very greatful for their assistance
Fantastic!! Landon was amazing. Never gave up. I would not hesitate to use him again. He gives attorneys a GREAT name!!
I worked with Brooke Lewis to help my grandfather with his Medicaid approval and she was absolutely fantastic! She was responsive, had an awesome attitude, willing to help in anyway she could and was very professional. It was very smooth and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review. Brooke is awesome!
Using their services is well worth it to cut down the difficulty of working with government agencies. They were able to handling trusts, insurance, etc.
I just wanted to give a shout out to Landon at Utah Senior Planning. He went above and beyond to help get our Mom on Medicaid. We honestly wouldn’t have been able to navigate all the paperwork with out his help. He did everything for us which helped us to take that time and worry about other things. The experience was so smooth and stress free. Even the receptionist was so kind and helpful. I would highly recommend Utah Senior Planning for all your senior planning needs.
I’ve greatly appreciated how accommodating and helpful they have been, especially Casey. I have had no concerns working with them.
At 41 years old my husband has progressive MS and needed help with his Medicaid. We became desperate as my husband continued to decline and we were looking for avenues to get him the help he needed. I didn’t realize how entailed getting on Medicaid was. I was referred to Landon at Utah Senior Planning to help guide us through the process. What a miracle it was to meet Landon and his team! He handled all of the Medicaid applications, helped with the financial eligibility, and also directed me to all of the right professionals to talk with that could help with my husband. I highly recommend anyone who is applying for any of their disability needs to use Utah Senior Planning. The processes can be daunting, to say the least, to do alone but with Landon at Utah Senior Planning, it made things bearable and lifted a heavy load off our shoulders during a difficult situation.
Landon, at Utah Senior Planning helped us get Medicaid for my sister who has been in a nursing home for a couple of months. They are a great resource! Much appreciated!!
Response from the owner: Thank you for sharing your experience and feedback Troy. Happy to help!
They were incredibly helpful getting my dad signed up for Medicare on a tight deadline. So glad I was referred to them for help, there is no way I could have managed on my own!
Brooke and Casey have gone above and beyond to help my step-brother and I with his finances and future care. Brooke helped us navigate Medicaid, and soon, will help us with the New Choices Waiver. Their knowledge of this world has been indispensable and opened up our options. So glad I called them! You can trust them.
As I think about my experience with Utah Senior Planning I have come to an overall conclusion...They realize each client has very different circumstances and, therefore, works with you according to your situation and your needs. Landon is so knowledgeable and does his job with much expertise, but one of his best qualities is that he listens to his clients. He takes that quality along with his experience and know-how and creates the best plan and solution you could ever hope for. I am so grateful for the care, understanding and great follow through to the end that I received.
I'm literally in awe at the lengths Landon went to to help me with my dad. He spent countless hours with me on the phone from texting, to talking, to emailing and even conference calls. He drew up a new trust for my dad and helped to get Medicaid for my step mom. I would of never of been able to do this on my own. He knows exactly what he is doing and helped me through it all, even patiently explaining things to my 91 year old dad. I could not be happier with Utah Senior Planning! Thanks again Landon you are the o!
Dearest Brooke,Thank you just isn’t enough to tell you how much we have appreciated all of your hard work, diligence and kindness during this whole process of medicaid application. Your call and voicemail Friday was such a relief for Vonne she just burst into tears as soon as I told her the news.You obviously know how much this means to people or you wouldn’t have left that message. It truly did give both Vonne and Guy a much needed relaxing weekend knowing he would be covered and bills would be paid.We know this is your job but you also have genuine concern and thought behind your work and we can’t thank you enough.Please know we are so grateful for your professionalism, your explanations of what needed to happen in the timeframe, your patience with us and your concern for this sweet couple who will truly benefit from this coverage and deserve it!Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.We look forward to talking with you again and to receiving the paperwork.You are a wonderful asset to the Utah Senior Planning Group!With much gratitude,Vonne and Guy DeHartPaula Allen
My brother is on Medicaid. My sister and I are having to help him manage his life. We had many questions on how to go about this. Cody at Utah Senior Planning was very helpful in answering my questions. I appreciate the time given to this. Even though my brother lives in another state, the answers I received will translate to that state's laws. This has relieved some stress. Thank you so much.
Professional and more patience and helpful.. And do care about helping others for their love ones ❤️🙏
My wife and I are completely ignorant when it comes to navigating the waters of senior planning. No one was able to help us concerning my mother in law during her hour of need. Even her doctors did nothing more than recommend websites to further confuse the situation.Utah Senior Planning came to our aid and in a matter of months, we’re finally unburdened of the responsibilities that grew too overwhelming and out of our control. She’s finally getting the care and assistance she needs and deserves. We cannot thank you enough USP. Highly recommended.
Response from the owner: Josh, thank you for sharing your experience and recommendation. We are glad to hear that we have been able to ease your burden.
We knew there could be issues with mom's future needs. They had us all come in and talk about lots of options of how to handle things for her caregiving. It was a big help. We're still deciding and we'll have more questions but they told me to call back and they would answer any questions and help us.
I worked with Utah Senior a few years ago when my dad went into care. They were so great. Their advise was always accurate and timely. They asked concise questions and know exactly how they Medicare Medicaid maze worked.Now that I'm going to be signing up for Medicare, I am definitely going back to them. Love this company!
The care and attention that Utah Senior Planning had with my case was incredible. They helped me with all the questions and concerns that I had regarding our case. Jasmine was great in taking care of our needs and made this incredibly hard time a little bit easier. Thank you Utah Senior Planning for your help and kindness during our difficult time. 10/10 would recommend!
These people are the bomb. I felt from the start they had our best family interests in mind, and they proved it every step of the way. They did all the difficult leg work. You should go with them. I'm very glad I did!
I recently utilized the services of Utah Senior Planning to help with the application for Medicaid for my mother who was on hospice in an assisted living center. Landon, our representative was very helpful and laid what to expect for our particular scenario. We did hit a glitch in the process not because of Utah Senior Planning but because of communication with the agencies involved. Landon was able to track down the problem and resolve it to our satisfaction in a proficient manner. I highly recommend their services.
When my husband was ill and in rehab several years ago Will Sandberg from Senior Planning worked to help us navigate the insurance system so he could get the benefits he needed and with help and kindness we were able to obtain the benefits he needed! He recently passed away and once again I had questions and needed help, and once again went to Will and he helped make everything easier to get through! I reached out and he made himself available and was warm and kind, just like I remembered! I feel very fortunate that I learned about them and feel confident if I needed them again, they would be there for me!
Landon assisted us with obtaining our moms benefits from our fathers military service. He was knowledgeable and very considerate. He knew all the ins and outs of government forms and legalities. He helped us immensely, and we appreciated his expertise.
Utah Senior Planning is a god send. My family and I were at our wits end with the endless paperwork and legal documents that needs be filed in regards to caring for our parents. I talked to them and it seemed to good to be true when they told me how they could help. I took a chance and have no regrets. They have been helpful through the whole process, piles of paperwork, someone to talk to when needed and even helped us find her an awesome memory care facility. If you need help you should call them ASAP. No regrets. Casey Stettler just rocks, so friendly. Thank you Utah Senior Planning!
Response from the owner: Melissa, thank you for your input and review. We have enjoyed working with you and your family. It is true, the benefits can appear to be "too good to be true." For most families, we are able to work out payment options with government programs to help affordably pay for the right place. We are happy to see that has held true for your mother.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Landon Sandberg at Utah Senior Planning. Landon was incredibly helpful, and very professional, while also very concerned and understanding. I highly recommend their services if needed for an aged parent. The process was seamless and completely stress free. Thank you so much, to Malia, for recommending Landon and the Utah Senior Planning specialists.
Utah Senior Planning should be your first and only stop if you need help with the Medicaid process, estate planning, Veterans benefits or a simple Power of Attorney. I’ve worked with Jeff Baliff and his team at Utah Senior Planning for years and there is no one better equipped to handle these often tricky processes. They have the expertise needed to make this stressful time as easy as possible, not only for the client and family, but also for any facility involved. As a healthcare professional that has worked with other companies that offer similar services, I can say without hesitation that USP outshines them all - they are the company you want handling your case.
Utah Senior Planning did a great job of helping Lyn get into a memory care unit. They answered all my questions and carried through with the paperwork to help with the Medicaid New Choice Waver program. Landon was a great representative.
We have been working with Will and Landon for the last two years, and have really appreciated their help. At the time, we needed guidance to help my recently widowed mother manage her assets. I'm sure there are plenty of other businesses that can provide similar services, but the staff at Utah Senior Planning are great to work with and extremely trustworthy. I highly recommend them.
Staff was quick to response about questions we had about our mom.They made her feel comfortable and talked to her as they were family. Cody did an excellent job in helping us get all the paperwork and items required for insurance purposes. He did extra work in making sure our mom was getting the proper coverage.
It was an absolute pleasure working with Landon to sort out my uncle’s affairs. Landon is very friendly and knowledgeable and was able to find a straightforward solution to a complicated situation. I had a lot of questions, and Landon was always available to answer them in a way that was easy to understand. He made me feel comfortable and secure throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Landon for all your Senior Planning needs.
Great organazion. I would highly recomend them to all seniors. Joclyne was great to work with. She did a fantastic job.
I have been completely happy with the service provided by Utah Senior Planning. Their service has been prompt, professional, and of great value each time I have used their services. I wholeheartedly recommend them.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the kind review. We loved working with you.
The Utah Senior Planning Center is phenomenal! They were very knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. Their advice and contact referrals were right on in getting our Aunt's estate in a better situation. The kept us informed of needed materials and worked directly with local firms which, with the pandemic, was necessary as we live in another state. We rate them 5-STAR; and highly recommend them if you need help with Utah Medicaid or other Senior planning matters.
Response from the owner: Thank you for sharing your review and recommendation Conrad. We have enjoyed working with you and your family.
When it was time for my Mom to relocate from her home of 62 years to a Senior Living Center, we needed assistance to meet the expenses. My wife did some online research and discovered Utah Senior Planning. We contacted them and began the process.Justin Embry and other wonderful employees consulted with us and Justin actually met with us at our home to discuss the process, fees and so forth.Our partnership with Utah Senior Planning resulted in Mom's qualification for a monthly benefit from the Veteran's Administration as my Dad was a WWII Vet. I absolutely know that we would not have been able to maneuver the complexities of the Veteran's Administration application and approval process without the expert assistance of Justin, Natousha and the team at Utah Senior Planning.We are very thankful and highly recommend USP to you!
Our family member had just been placed into a nursing facility. We needed guidance and advice concerning Medicaid. Utah Senior Planning came highly recommended to us. They were friendly yet professional, made us feel at ease, and answered all our questions. They truly go the extra mile! I highly recommend Utah Senior Planning, and appreciate everything that Brooke and Malia did for us.
Response from the owner: Nora, thank you for sharing your experience. We are glad to hear that you would recommend us. Brooke and Malia are awesome! Let us know if we can do anything to help.
Landon was incredibly helpful! Very kind and thorough. He made it very clear everything I needed so I could gather the information and documents for him quickly, anytime something was needed. I will absolutely recommend him!!!! I'm honestly sad I won't need his help anymore, he's just that excellent! Thanks Landon!!!
Response from the owner: Hilary we are glad to hear that Landon was helpful, kind, and thorough. He is amazing at what he does. He will be happy to hear that you would recommend him. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.
Both Landon and Will helped our family with my brothers Medicaid application and Setting up a special needs trust. They have an incredible amount knowledge and a real sense of personal empathy and genuine concern for their clients. Their abilities have had a positive life changing effect on our family and I would highly recommend them.
Response from the owner: Leslie, thank you for leaving a review. Landon and Will having been working in this area along time and are top notch medicaid and special needs planners. They will be happy to hear that you would recommend him and had a great experience. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.
Brooke did an amazing job helping navigate this complex and difficult process. 5 stars all the way around, I will definitely recommend to friends and family.
Response from the owner: Vaughn, we are happy to hear that Brooke did an amazing job. Thank you for your recommendation. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.
Utah Senior Planning was a godsend. I could never have handled settling my mom’s estate on my own. They navigated the bureaucracy and red tape and made my life so much easier in a difficult time. Landon Sandberg and his colleagues were kind, patient, and professional. You can trust them to follow through on all the details and they were very responsive to the many questions I didn’t know I would have. I highly recommend their services.
Response from the owner: Thank you for sharing your experience Christine. Landon will feel good to hear your kind words and recommendation. We strive to be kind, patient, and professional. Most clients are in very difficult and stressful situations. It is nice to hear that you had that experience with Utah Senior Planning.
February 2020, I was at a loss as to how to move my Ill mom into a much needed memory care facility from another state. I have a career in the benefits world for employers, so I "thought" this might be similar. How wrong I was. After attempts of trying to understand the government medicaid jargon, I had reached out to a few friends that had gone through a very similar experience and recommended Landon Sandberg at USP, to assist with the transition and applying for Utah Medicaid. The idea of all of the work to get her approved was very overwhelming, even for someone like me that worked in the insurance field.Landon immediately assisted, reassured and gave very clear directions on what needs to be done first, including selection of a facility, coordinating her admittance and working with the care directors, all the way until I received an "approval" letter from the State.Many people underestimate the aid of an attorney in this process. Had he not been involved, I am doubtful that the process would have been as "easy" as it was, if I had succeeded at all. I can't sing his praises enough. Not only did he get it done, but it was approved within a week or so of the application.I highly recommend those scratching their heads regarding this process to talk with Utah Senior Planning. They're there to help walk you through it and stand by your side - even if they have to teach the State parts of their own role. 🙂
Response from the owner: Thank you for sharing your experience Jessica. I know your words made Landon's day. It hits home when we can feel that we helped a family in need. Medicaid jargon and the forms are difficult to navigate without someone working specifically in the medicaid area. Landon is one of the best medicaid professionals in the state of Utah. If there is anything we can do in the future please let us know.
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