Utah Medicaid Eligibility & Application

Medicaid is a government program that offers financial assistance for medical care, including long-term care at skilled nursing facilities. With private pay rates at Utah skilled nursing facilities ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 a month, individuals face quick economic ruin, even with a modest amount of savings.

There is no reason to walk the path to better health alone. Utah Senior Planning has Medicaid professionals to help answer your questions, guide you through the process, and ensure you get all of the help you deserve. Pick up your phone today or contact us through chat or email. You won’t regret it.


Common Questions About Medicaid:

  • Do I need to spend all of my assets in order to qualify for Medicaid?
  • Will my spouse living at home have enough money to pay for living expenses?
  • If I am approved for Medicaid, will the State of Utah seize my house after I pass away?
  • I have Medicare, do I need Medicaid?

Utah Senior Planning incorporates an innovative approach to assisting individuals in need of Medicaid services. Our team of advisers, planners, and attorneys understand complex Medicaid rules and regulations and can provide a roadmap to Medicaid eligibility.



Utah Medicaid Eligibility


The United States Government has placed strict requirements for those looking to get financial help through Medicaid. Our agents and attorneys can help you learn exactly how to navigate the confusing road to Medicaid coverage, ensure you meet the needs for eligibility, and help you through the process of filing your medicaid application. There is no reason to walk the path to better health alone.


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