Veterans Aide & Attendance

The VA provides a special disabled veteran benefits to veterans and their spouses who are in need of assistance with their activities of daily living. The VA Pension with Aid and Attendance rating can assist a disabled veteran with costs associated with home healthcare, assisted living, and skilled nursing care for themselves and their spouses.

Qualifying for Disabled Veterans Benefits Aid & Attendance

1. Serivce

Veterans must have served at least 90 days active duty, with one of those days being during a wartime period – and he or she must have received a military discharge other than dishonorable.

2. Care

A veteran or spouse must be in need of daily aid and attendance in order to avoid the everyday hazards of his or her environment.

3. Cost

A veteran or spouse must be paying out-of-pocket for costs relating to their long-term healthcare needs

4. Financial

Aid and Attendance has certain asset and income requirements that a veteran or spouse must meet in order to qualify.

Contact us today and one of our VA Accredited Attorneys can provide a free consultation to further explain the disabled veteran benefits program requirements, answer any questions about you and your spouse, and hopefully provide a roadmap to qualifying for the much-needed help.