Why Do I Have To Provide All Of These Documents?​

Why Do I Have To Provide All Of These Documents?

As a company who helps individuals and families through the benefits approval process, we understand what it takes to get answers as quickly as possible. All of the applicant’s personal and financial information is required in order to determine their eligibility for any Medicaid programs. This same information will also need to be provided for any spouses or household members. Medicaid has a 5 year look back period which means that the caseworker could request documentation regarding any changes in assets or financial accounts during that time.

Commonly required documents are 6 Months of Bank Statements, Titles or Registrations for any Vehicles, Current Life Insurance Policy Documentation, Copies of any Funeral Plans, Current Income Benefit Statements, Property Tax Notices, Health Insurance Card Copies, and Copies of Legal Documents such as Powers of Attorney or Trusts. Additional documentation may also be required depending on what assets the applicant owns. 

Providing documents is essential to establish eligibility and ensure accurate determination of benefits. Preferably, if we can obtain the necessary documents beforehand, we will be able to get a good idea of what we need to do to determine eligibility, this will allow us to give you a more accurate quote of our fees, if any. 

Commonly required documents include: 
  • Identification documents (e.g., birth certificate or driver’s license/ passport (if not born in Utah), V.A. ID card, social security card) to verify your identity. 
  • Proof of income (e.g. social security statements, pension/ retirement (OPM, URS, etc.), V.A. benefit, disability income, mineral and oil rights and royalties, etc.) to assess income eligibility. – Financial statements (e.g., 6 months of bank statements (checking, savings, CDs, Money Market), IRA, 401k, annuity, stocks and bonds, property deeds) to determine asset eligibility. – Medical records (e.g.,Medicare card(s), health insurance card(s), verification of health insurance premiums) Front and back copies will be needed for any Medicare or other insurance card. 
  • Residency information (e.g., property tax notice, reverse mortgage docs, current mortgage/ home equity statement, utility bills, lease agreements). 
  • Life insurance policies (e.g., policy statement with current cash value, policy numbers, Face Value). 

These documents are required to accurately assess eligibility, determine the level of care needed, calculate the share of cost, and ensure compliance with program regulations. Additional documents may be required upon request.